Frequently asked questions

When did the program end?

STOUFFER'S® Dinner Club ended on 12/31/14.

Why did the program end?

We regularly evaluate our programs to ensure the best consumer experience and found that the Dinner Club program did not offer everything we would like to provide our loyal STOUFFER'S® consumers.

Why wasn't I notified earlier that the program was ending?

We began to announce the program end date in July 2014 and published the end date in the official rules and on the website throughout the year. We also made further attempts to provide this information through landing page banners, email notification and social media announcements.

Will I continue to receive email from Stouffer's now that the program has ended?

If you have opted in to STOUFFER'S®, you will continue to receive email from the brand. However, if you have only opted in to STOUFFER'S® Dinner Club, you will no longer receive email.

I still haven’t received my rewards and it’s been longer than 12 weeks. What do I do?

Please click here to contact us if it has been longer than 12 weeks and you still have not received your reward.

I received my reward and it’s damaged. What do I do?

We’re so sorry! Please click here to contact us if your reward was received damaged.